Our Customers are our most significant Partners


LK2 is a dynamic company very active in different sectors, distributing products, accessories and service to oil, gas, water, district heating and other industries.

In constant evolution in order to be in line with the customers’ highest expectation in terms of quality and competitiveness, LK2 mission is to be the leader partner for technologically advances products and services dedicated to pipelines.


Our company meet the Customer highest expectations by continuously improving and updating of the business processes, in order to build a loyalty-based relationship with our customers and partners as a strategic aim and essential premise to enhance the Company competitiveness in the market.

Our quality policy is specifically based on successful factors; in particular:

Test and control activities, during design, development and production processes
Setting of defined improvement levels for the process efficiency
Definition of range of action aimed at Customer satisfaction
Accurate choice of suppliers and commercial partners, in order to reach the highest standard of service and collaboration with the aim of a shared growth
Commitment to ensure adherence to EHS standards

Our Company’s management has chosen to be compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards and to rely on the continuous improvement based on those standards, as a strategic asset to reach all the preset business targets.